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The Red Canari team is made up of seasoned security professionals with over 30 years of experience in applied InfoSec consulting. We've played pivotal roles in securing critical information systems across the public and private sectors.

But what's more is that we're a part of the global InfoSec community, building and maintaining open source security tools, training tomorrow's cyber-warriors, and helping mitigate vulnerabilities in commercial and proprietary systems.

We back up our technical and analytical skills with our ability to distill and communicate technical security concepts into concrete and actionable recommendations.


Real security works in the face of real-world adversaries targeting your organization. Which is where we come in. We think like hackers – and act like them – to disclose discreet dangers to your organization.

Our research-based and intelligence-driven methodology is what equips us to discover the latest, most sophisticated vulnerabilities and test the security needs of industries like healthcare, finance and defense.

So it's no surprise we're trusted by clients who need to meet the highest standards of security compliance. And why we regularly present at the world's biggest security conferences.

Strategy & Governance

Cybersecurity requires timely, cross-functional and cross-organizational responses, aligned and consistent with the emergence of increasingly severe cyber risks. Red Canari helps organizations to create the strategy and implement the framework required to effectively manage cyber risk. Our experts work with organizations to align their security capabilities with their strategic imperatives.

Security Architecture

Today, old boundaries of inside versus outside, or trusted versus untrusted do not apply. Red Canari experts help build and maintain an up-to-date and truly defensible security architecture by leveraging all your current infrastructure, reconfiguring the devices you already own, and implementing newer technologies.

Audit & Assessment

Think you're prepared for an attack? We'll find out. For organizations with a security policy and infrastructure already in place, our 365 Red Team thinks and acts like attackers, continually putting your team and incident response protocols to the test so they'll be ready when a real threat comes. We research the most sophisticated attack techniques being used today to keep your organization safe.

Operational Technology Assessments

Advances in modern control systems like the Smart Grid have brought great benefits but at a cost from a security perspective. With the confluence of IT and OT systems and increased inter-system communication, vendors, asset owners and operators, and the general population are all at a greater risk of compromise. To minimize this risk, Red Canari experts conduct security assessments including highly technical offensive testing to minimize vulnerabilities before attackers can exploit critical infrastructures critical to the functioning of modern society.


Training of executive managers and key staff in cybersecurity strategy principles and risk management standards is fundamental. Operational skills required for program managers and technical staff are an enduring requirement and should be optimized to meet the strategic requirements of the enterprise plan and changes in the risk environment. Red Canari delivers cybersecurity skills – training aligned to every position in an organization, and generalized cybersecurity best practice guidance for all staff in operational (not primarily IT) areas and management disciplines.

Digital Forensics & Incident Response

In today's highly interconnected global economy, risk is ubiquitous. Some of the risk that organizations face can be anticipated, managed and mitigated; but several catastrophic, hard-to-predict events are occurring ever more frequently. Red Canari DFIR program enhance the resilience of an organization to high-impact cyber crises. We support you with the decision-making protocols and appropriate responses required in the wake of a cyber emergency, to help limit business interruption and the associated costs.

Cyber-Security Life Cycle Services

We look where others don't

We will help you identify your weaknesses, pre-emptively remediate them and reduce the risk of being compromised by real-world threats.

Virtual CSO

Get guidance on GRC & Policy Implementation.

Digital Forensics

Incident response and investigation.

Cyber Training Program

Train your team to operate securely.

Operational Technology

Assess your Industrial systems.

Phone Image


Simulate sophisticated real-world attacks.

Enterprise Penetration Test

Assess security from every angle.

Application Assessment

Identify vulnerabilities in your applications.

Secure Code Assessment

Embed security directly into your software development cycle.

Meet Our Leadership Team

The Red Canari team is made up of seasoned security professionals. We’ve played pivotal roles in securing critical information systems across the public and private sectors.

Tony Kanjirappally

Tony Kanjirappally

Managing Partner, CEO

Nadeem Douba

Nadeem Douba

Managing Partner, CTO

David Mussington

David Mussington

Director, Cyber Risk Management Programmes

Dan Lesage

Dan Lesage

Director, Engineering

Philip Elsas

Philip Elsas

Director, Assurance and Audit

Ahmed Shah

Ahmed Shah

Director, Security R&D

Delon Young

Delon Young

Director, Sales (Americas)

Rutvik Gajjar

Rutvik Gajjar

Security Analyst

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